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Welcome to Bothy Radio


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No negative vibes, just peace and love through good tunes is the core philosophy behind Bothy radio - good music from all genres but with a lot of Scottish and Irish Music at the heart of our broadcasts. We do not promote any political ideals through the music we play and seek to showcase good music from this part of the Celtic world. We also do not support any form of intolerance and promote great music from the decades. 


While very few stations play Scottish

Folk Music and Celtic sounds, Bothy

radio always will.  In fact, over 60

percent of what we play comes

from Scottish artists and bands. 

Enjoy the music and stay awesome !!!  

Slainte Mhath, Piper

Requests will only be played when a live show is on. 

Live Shows are:

Wednesday Night - 9pm till 11pm

Friday Night  -  9pm till late

Saturday Afternoon - 2pm till 5pm

Saturday Night - 9pm till late

Sunday Afternoon - 2pm till 5pm

Sunday Night - 9pm till 11pm

About Us

Piper, Paul and Artemis currently hold the fort but we are eternally honoured to have had some amazing DJs working alongside us as they brought their music to you.


For streaming, the station uses Virtual DJ 5 Pro and Serato Pro DJ feeding into a 24/7 feed from Mixstream. Artemis is the autodj from using uninterrupted streaming with live stream cut in and transitioning. We use Shoutcast v2.5 encoding for the best sound quality. 


Join Us

Club and event DJing generally does need large rigs with decks, mixers, amps, speakers, lighting and much more... but home DJing is much less complicated. 

What you need is a good PC or Laptop, a reliable internet connection, some broadcast software such as VDJ or SAMs, a stream to broadcast to for listeners, and music of your choice to feed your shows.  

We can provide the basic broadcast tools and provide access to our 24/7 broadcasting stream. 

Slots generally cover 1 or 2 hours for your own sanity as well as the listeners. However, we also offer longer slots those who wish to feature themed events or celebration days. 

Contact: with a brief summary of your experience and music preferences.

Send a 20 - 30 second sample of your work if possible. 

DJ Freebies

free-radio-jingles - Copy.png
free-dj-drops - Copy.png

Bothy Radio supports the amazing talents of Music Radio Creative who have produced the core elements of our station imaging and DJ drops. 


Final production could not have been possible without this amazing team. Click the links opposite to access some of their freebies - just tell them Piper @ Synergy Sounds Radio sent you. 

From Scotland With Love


Listeners tuned in today from.. wait for it.. YOSHKAR -OLA in Russia.. see ! Bothy Radio reaches parts other radio stations cant.. lol..

Broadcast team

John Mc Garrie (aka Piper) and Paul McGuiness (aka Scottishboy), both from the west of Scotland, are the main broadcasters. Both have had always loved making people smile through good chats and tunes.

Paul is a speed freak loving formula car racing and letting loose with mad banter and dance hits to make you wiggle and giggle. Join his shows when he plays the best of modern dance music from Scotland and the UK.





Piper is an old timer and loves nothing more than a good night playing requests for those who listen to his shows... His tastes go from classic motown to rocks.. and all music from Scotland 

But, you will always hear a Scottish and Irish influence in our shows... and our autodj Artemis is the sounds you hear when we are not on air live. Artemis is set to play Scottish and Irish bands you wont normally hear on other stations... Enjoy 


From the
West Coast of Scotland...

Click the globe to listen on Radio Garden website


  1. (in Scotland) a small hut or cottage, especially one for housing farm labourers or for use as a mountain refuge.

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